Apple intends to close down iTunes, Bloomberg says

Days ahead of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), reports are swirling that the technology giant will end benefits through its digital music store, iTunes, and supplant with three new applications.

The conference, which is scheduled to start on Monday, is relied upon to be the first step in moving Apple Inc. in a new generation of devices and software. CEO Tim Cook and other leaders will reveal updates to the brand’s operating systems, a Bloomberg report said on Friday.

One of the foreseen changes will to a great extent influence Mac clients, as it includes shuttering iTunes, which has since 2001 housed clients’ music, TV and podcast libraries. In the future, three new applications for Mac will be introduced—Music, TV and Podcasts—to match the format already employed on iPhones and iPads.

Individuals took to Twitter on Friday with concerns and complaints about the approaching shutdown. At any rate one client inquired as to whether their bought music from iTunes will transfer to the Music application without paying for the Apple Music streaming service. Another asked about the destiny of unused iTunes gift vouchers. Apple Support started responding to inquiries on Twitter very quickly.

iTunes aside, the new generation may incorporate a more independent Apple Watch (which at present relies upon iPhones to run), iPads with more advanced software, applications that conform to any Apple device, augmented reality (AR) and increasingly innovative personal healthcare management highlights—as indicated by Bloomberg.

With respect to revamping other core applications, the report said that the organization is preparing revamps of the Reminders application and planning to change Maps, Messages, Apple Books, Home and Mail. It additionally refered to a potential amalgamation of Find my iPhone and Find my Friends.

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